I had no intention of ever becoming an author! I often told stories to my grandchildren but it never occurred to me to write them down…

The Scott series came to me by happy accident one evening when the story now known as “Ten Quests” was born. It was Theo’s turn to pick a boy’s name and the type of story he and his sister wanted to hear. Theo chose Scott as our hero and a spooky house as the story location.

As they lay on a giant sag-bag, I told them how Scott and his friends came upon the spooky house, and that Scott went inside alone. “And then it happened.” I said. “The door slammed shut trapping Scott inside the house.” But the rest of the story wasn’t to be told that night; their dad arrived, and I promised to continue the story the next time we were all together. The problem was, I was going on holiday for two weeks before I’d see them again. “Write it down, or you’ll forget, Grandad,” Theo said.

The journey to become a children’s author had begun. As requested, I did indeed write the story down, and after Theo read it, he showed the manuscript to his teacher, who told me that it was far too good a story not to be published.

And so it was, at seventy-seven years of age I published my first book.

Scott has since battled through four lots of Ten Quests, and the fifth is in the early stages of creation. I now like to write about three books a year! Four have already been published, and I have three more in the pipeline.

I’m married to Jennifer, and we have two children, Steven and Tracy, and four grandchildren. When I’m not writing, I spend as much time as I can with my wonderful wife. We travel, dance, and enjoy all life has to offer as we traverse my seventies.

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