Cover designer meets author

On 24th July 2021, I met and gifted Kaitlyn a signed copy of my book she had designed the cover for. Life must move on is an adult ladies book and printed with Jens name as author. My wife did so much work on it that I thought she should take some credit. Thank you Kaitlyn.😀

If you would like to purchase this book, then it will soon be available in shops and on Amazon.


Millicent is devastated when her son Sebastian informs her that she is broke.

Her husband inconveniently died, and has wasted all their money on worthless investments.

So, what can she do? Marry her son to a wealthy family’s daughter and let them live with her, tending to her needs.

Sebastian is having nothing to do with this.

This is a light hearted story of a battle of wills, but who will win out?

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