Designing a cover

I tried to keep the idea of the eyes throughout the series of five books, but the anguish I went through to get it just right.

Take the latest cover for Ten Discs.

First I thought I would paint the seahorse as the cover, but the more I thought about it, the less I liked it.

Then I painted the magpie, a British bird for all my overseas readers. This likes flesh, but is not a raptor. Again I lived with the cover, but then dumped it.

Next I painted the Owl. This gave me what I wanted, big eyes looking out at the people as the reader held the book open.

I feel all you budding authors should be aware of the birthing pains for a book.

Here are the covers as painted. See what you think.

Sea Horse design
Magpie design

And below the one you can find on the new book

The Owl design

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