A Ballet story

A Short story of a young girl who loved ballet dancing.

This small book can be purchased through me and sent to you direct. E-mail me for your copies and I will arrange the book to be posted to you anywhere in the UK. At £4 per copy, including postage and packing, why are you waiting? Message me at johnparsons80@btinternet.com

A challenge for you all.

Name my new monster.

I have been drawing again since my unfortunate brush with Covid. Attached is the monster I have a short story for, and I wondered if you would like to name him for me.

So far I have, Mugglewort, Snigglebock, and Gobbledygook.

How about it?

You can down load and colour it in, it can be any colour you want, but please, help me find a name for him.

Thank you.


Grandads Unforgettable Camper Van

The second book

I have now finished the second book about the family who inherited a magical camper van.

This book has many more drawings in it, and I have enjoyed doing them.

The family visit Africa on a safari and meet a bull Elephant who wants the bananas from the driver of a car.
On the journey, a Rhino decides to wee on the track, and then goes back into the scrub.

I have inserted lots of drawings like these as the families safari proceeds.

They go to lots of other places, but I suggest you watch out for the announcement of the publication.

Grandads Unforgettable Camper Van

Book 2 in the series.

I have designed the cover for the next campervan story and once it is in the hands of my wordsmith Nicci, she will do her magic to finish it of.

The cover text is wrong, but I thought it would give you all an idea of how the new cover with Nifty flying like a plane would look like.

Watch out for the next book in this series.

Drawing request

Ten Discs has lots of very detailed drawings in it, but one that has attracted a lot of interest is the witch Grizelda’s house.

This drawing took me about six hours to finish it, but I am very pleased to have had requests to enlarge it and make it available for colouring.

I am thinking about making a colouring book available with all the drawings in it to colour. I know my word smith Nicci would encourage me to do so.

So as promised, the enlarged drawing to colour in.

Grizelda’s house

Grizelda may be a nasty witch in the story, and I know poor Scott would not like to hear me say this, but I quite like her.

I have got to say this because she is pointing her wand at me now and…!