Letters to the author

I am always pleased to receive letters from my young readers. Two I received recently was as follows.

Dear John,

I have just finished the book Ten Trolls recently and it was an amazing book. I can not wait until the next book is published,

You are my favorite author.


My favorite book this summer holiday has been Grandads Extraordinary Camper Van. This is written by John Parsons. It is about a Grandad that dies and leaves his family an old campervan. they went to his house and soon discover it is magic and whatever Mum wishes, it does. The take his ashes to his friends the monks and they all soon travel to amazing places. I like the drawings in the book also. I wonder if the camper van will go on other adventures? This book was gripping and full of adventures for the family in it.


Cover designer meets author

On 24th July 2021, I met and gifted Kaitlyn a signed copy of my book she had designed the cover for. Life must move on is an adult ladies book and printed with Jens name as author. My wife did so much work on it that I thought she should take some credit. Thank you Kaitlyn.ūüėÄ

If you would like to purchase this book, then it will soon be available in shops and on Amazon.


Millicent is devastated when her son Sebastian informs her that she is broke.

Her husband inconveniently died, and has wasted all their money on worthless investments.

So, what can she do? Marry her son to a wealthy family’s daughter and let them live with her, tending to her needs.

Sebastian is having nothing to do with this.

This is a light hearted story of a battle of wills, but who will win out?

This way and That

A short story book tales of fables and legends.

This was published in November 2020 and I sold 150 in about ten days.

The good news is that the book can now be purchased on Amazon for £6.99 each copy.

The cover was from my own painting and I ‘Photo shopped’ the sign post in to add to the flavor of the stories. At ¬£6.99 per copy, you can’t go wrong!

Covid and me

If I have to say anything about this covid lockdown, I suppose it must be that I was able to concentrate a lot more on my writing this year. Scott’s adventures have continued and I finished Ten Disc’s last night. On this book, I went a bit mad and this will include even more drawings of Scott’s battle against Griselda the witch.

Grandad’s Camper Van has another book written. Once again the family are whisked around the world in their magical camper van. Again, lots of my drawings help the reader to envisage the event.

So what now? I am writing still, but next year, I intend to change direction, one concentrate on short stories. I wrote a single story about a happening in Winterbourne Village, and it went mad. This brought about the birth of the book, This way and That. I wrote a lot more stories and put them all together. The book sold at £7.00. I ordered 100 books and they sold out in 8 days. Another 50 books ordered, were sold in 3 days. I now have 18 people waiting for a copy.

Next year, my first adult book will be published, and I will be writing a new book of Fables and Legends. Grandad’s second camper van story book is also my target book to be published next year.

All I need to do now, is wish you my readers a merry Christmas and a happy new year.