Covid and me

Over the two years that I have not been able to visit schools or groups, I have turned my attention to writing short stories, all based on facts.

In both books of short stories, I have taken the reader through stories set in 1700 up to present day, with a covid story in both.

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You won’t be disappointed.,

Letters to the author

I am always pleased to receive letters from my young readers. Two I received recently was as follows.

Dear John,

I have just finished the book Ten Trolls recently and it was an amazing book. I can not wait until the next book is published,

You are my favorite author.


My favorite book this summer holiday has been Grandads Extraordinary Camper Van. This is written by John Parsons. It is about a Grandad that dies and leaves his family an old campervan. they went to his house and soon discover it is magic and whatever Mum wishes, it does. The take his ashes to his friends the monks and they all soon travel to amazing places. I like the drawings in the book also. I wonder if the camper van will go on other adventures? This book was gripping and full of adventures for the family in it.