Ten Kingdoms_coverIt’s been over a year since Scott solved the Ten Quests inside the spooky house near his home. The old building collapsed into rubble and the land is now being redeveloped, so Scott is convinced that he’ll never have to go through any of that nonsense again. Right?Wrong. One evening after school, when Scott is busy doing his homework, his attention is drawn to the painting of he and his friends outside the old house. He’s sure he can see the oil painting ripple with the wind running through the grass. But that can’t be, can it?Wrong again. Scott is whisked into the painting and is forced to face his biggest adventure yet. Ten Kingdoms. Ten pieces of the “Giver of Life” tile. From giant blobs to butterflies, from metal people to humungous spiders, Scott must brave the strange and often dangerous landscapes to secure each piece of the tile to have any hope of ever going home again.

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When Danny Short’s grandad dies, he leaves the family everything he owned—including his busted-up blue camper van. Danny’s mum is not happy about it at all and wants rid of the rusty old thing…until they discover it’s magical! Join Danny, his sister, Belle, and their mum and dad on the road to a very unusual discovery indeed. It’s globetrotting adventure time in Grandad’s Extraordinary Camper Van (buy it in paperback here (link to Global Words webstore) and eBook here; (links to Amazon)).


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Harry Trent had no idea he was an alien. He thought he was as normal as the next man until the fateful day when his best friend lay dying in his arms. Nothing from that day could ever be called normal…

A group of old school friends get in touch with Harry after years apart. They’re preparing to go back to the planet they came from, and they want Harry to go with them. There’s just one problem; the ruler of their planet’s kingdom doesn’t want them back at all. Harry has a legal right to the crown, and the king will stop at nothing to maintain his position of power. Get the eBook or paperback now (links to Amazon).

10 Quests new front cover 1-7-2019Scott had no idea of the problems he would have when he was drawn into the spooky house. Once inside, Scott has to draw on his cunning and strength to battle more than just dragons and man-eating flowers to have any chance of ever escaping it. You can buy the eBook here and the paperback here (links to Amazon).