New Book now Available

Ten Discs has arrived.

Ten discs, the fifth in the series of Scott’s adventures has now been published.

It was quite a challenge to write this one, trying to find ten forms of confrontation for Scott to solve, and the way he was to solve it proved in its writing.

The times I deleted a chapter, or cut sections out of a chapter, nearly drove me to say, forget it. And yet, here it is. Ten Discs, number 5 in the series is in print.

Fancy a chase through ten different worlds, mystical or magical?

Like Wizards and Witches?

This is the book for you. Adults and the children I aim the books at, love the stories, and not just here in the UK, but around the world.

Folk in Australia, Hong Kong, Canada and USA have all received a copy in the post from me signed. So don’t think this is just for kids. It’s suitable for everyone who likes a story in each chapter.

Couldn’t put it down, is a common comment.

Give it a try.

Covid and me

Over the two years that I have not been able to visit schools or groups, I have turned my attention to writing short stories, all based on facts.

In both books of short stories, I have taken the reader through stories set in 1700 up to present day, with a covid story in both.

Why don’t you take a look at these reasonably priced books set at £7.00

You won’t be disappointed.,