Making An Impact

Last year in December, I visited Cam Everland’s Primary School, and after talking about my books, I showed the class how I did my drawings for them. We talked about light and shade and the use of cross lines (hatching) to give perspective.
On Tuesday, the year five teacher, Jacqui Sinclair, sent me a message with two attachments of drawings by one of her pupils, Maisey Workman.
I’m you’ll agree with me that she has done a fantastic job with her drawings.

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Ancient and Modern Meet!

It was a good day — I finally got to meet Nicola Hill.
Nicola, also an author of children’s books and now an illustrator of books for other aspiring authors, lives in Wotton-under-Edge but did live in Winterbourne. Nicola and I have been messaging for over two years, helping each other with queries during the writing process. Nicola now devotes her time to the her shop, The Collective, and illustrations for other authors.
It was certainly a mixing of minds and good to find out what Nicola actually looked like. And there’s nothing like a real life connection to trump virtual communication any day.
Meanwhile, I’m hard at work writing my series of Scott books and fund raising for various charities. I’m about to send the latest, Ten Keys, to my lovely editor, Nicci Robinson at Global Wordsmiths. And over on Amazon, you can buy Ten Kingdoms (book two)  and Ten Quests (book one) to catch up with Scott and his magical adventures.
Happy Reading and Happy Christmas!