Writing in lock down

At the time of writing this update, I am in my 32nd week of lockdown.

I have been busy over that time space, and you will be pleased to know that two more books in the ‘Scott’ adventures will have been published this year. Ten Quests started Scott on his perilous journey, then came Ten Kingdoms. This was the book that introduced ‘Mersellis’ the wizard that Scott had been helping.

Ten Keys, now in print, is the third book in the series and by the end of November 2020, you will be able to buy the forth called Ten Trolls.

Another book in print now is called ‘This way and that.’ This is a collection of story’s linked with fables and legends. A lot of the stories are set around the village that I live in. If, however you like a little folklore as a read, this may fit the bill for you.

I am busy writing the second book in the series of the Camper Van. This is almost complete and should be available to send to my wordsmith to turn into another book.

My adult book, ‘Millicent’ will be passed to her for a next year proposed printing and this is an idea read for the ladies.

So you can see, I have not been sitting around waiting for the virus to go!

Stay safe, and I hope to bring more news for you in the future.

John 28/10/20

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